Scopus ID (avaliable from 30/06/2017)

CCSJP created list of employees of ONAFT, who was registered in Scopus. Please note if you need to correct information about your account, please contact us. The list of profiles of ONAFT employees on 06.30.2017 can be downloaded by clicking on the Link.

Useful Browser Button

Dear colleagues, for several days, as are working two useful buttons for browsers.

1. Button Google scholar, allows you to search full-text versions of publications by title and, also, it generate citation on this publication.

2. Unpaywall provides a  free, legal  fulltext version of the publication.

CiteScore metrics from Scopus – comprehensive, current and free metrics for source titles in Scopus. Link

ScienceDirect is a resource that provides access to scientific publications, mostly paid, but by using the Open Access filter you can access publicly available publications.

The resource was launched in March 1997, the owner of the company Elsevier. Contains 2500 scientific editions and 26 000 electronic books. Link

The registry "Ukraine Scientists"

Available information array of  Ukrainian  Scientists, which  automatically generated and based on information from bibliographic descriptions abstracts of dissertations (candidates and doctors) since 1996, the list is automatically updated from  abstracts of dissertations which fund  in the Vernadsky National Library. Link

List of Ukrainian scientific periodical journals

On MES web-site avaliable List of Ukrainian scientific periodical journals…/atestacziya-kadriv-vishh…/perelik-vidan/. Note the first sentence of the epigraph, "printed scientific publications included in the list of Ukrainian scientific periodical journals for five years from the date of inclusion" that is included in the list earlier - in order to protect council can check whether at the time of publication was printed edition professional or not.

Resource Author Path

About the Company: Edanz was established in Japan in 1995, the main aim was to help the thousands of researchers around the world have successfully published in international journals.

Functionality overview: after a quick and simple registration you have the ability to distinguish scientific fields and areas of your SRW.  When working with Author Path you create so-called draft publications: the first phase you choose the industry and your desired deadline to reach publication.

In the second stage, according to your answers you will be asked a series of publications that you can choose to publish.

In the third stage, after a completed selection of publications, you start with a model of the article, whereby in this resource you work exclusively with online forms.  Once all forms are filled you can save paper format * .pdf, * .docx and/or send it to the editor.

Please note that if you realized that the issue does not suit you, you can perform an additional search for scientific publications.

This is only a brief overview, everyone will find a resource to:


In 2017 started work scientific portal Scienceopen (

Scienceopen this is the portal for scientific research, which includes 28 million scientific records (in the form of posts and / or abstracts and / or full-text versions of scientific articles), 24 000 scientific journals which published by 3,000 publishers.

After a simple registration, you can work with all portal content. Please note that during registration you must enter your ORCID ID for later synchronization profiles.

Instruction for registration and operation with the portal can be downloaded by sending a request on the feedback.

Transliteration online

To perform transliteration we recommend to use online resources. One of them may be this resource Link

Web of Science Journals List

A list of journals that are in the database Web of Science, can be downloaded here


Search can be done either in paragraph 1 or  paragraph 2.

1. In the site there are three thematic lists of journals in PDF. The list is divided into three areas: 

  • Arts and Humanities Citation Index Source Publication (Humanities)
  • Science Citation Index Expanded Source Publication (science)
  • Social Science Citation Index Source Publication (Social Sciences)

2. By using the Link and searching directly in the browser or for Web of Science Core Collection using the link: