AGRIS (Agricultural Research Information System) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Today, we have received the final confirmation of acceptance of the following scientific journals #ONAFT to the Agris (Agricultural Research Information System) AGRIS (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)):

1. "Food Science and Technology" 
2. "Scientific works"
3. "Grain Products and Mixed Fodder's" 
4. "Food Industry Economics" 
5. "Refrigeration Engineering and Technology" 

Congratulations to all the collectives of the editorial boards, reviewers of the authors and the entire team ONAFT !!!

For reference:
AGRIS (Agricultural Research Information System) - International Information System for Agriculture and Allied Industries - was established in 1974. The project resource is part of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) access by email at

The AGRIS abstract database contains information on all aspects of agriculture and related industries, such as biotechnology, plant protection, veterinary medicine, agricultural equipment and machinery, toxicology, forestry, aquaculture, aquaculture and fisheries, food production technology, food person, natural resources, education, law, etc. The abstract database AGRIS includes information on books, monographs, articles from periodicals and collections. Special attention is paid to scientific and technical projects, reports, dissertations, conference materials, are not published in a wide print.

Scopus Scopus User Guide

Dear colleagues, today was received a letter from Elsevier Ukraine Corporation with user manual Scopus Link

"Food Science and Technology" in CABI

Another scientific publication has added the list of #ONAFT publications to CABI. This time the queue came for:
"Food Science and Technology" !

Congratulations to the editors, authors, reviewers and the  #ONAFT  whole team !!!

# CenSciONAFT-dream team!

Access to Scopus database from 01.11.2017

To attention of students, post-graduate students and employees of ONAFT!

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1286 dated 19.09.2017, from 01.11.2017, the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies granted access to the bibliographic and abstract database Scopus.

In order to start using the database you need to go to the link:

Before you should immediately open the search box. No passwords are required.

Access is available under the Academy IP.

If you have difficults with connecting to database, please contact us at:

Congratulations to the #onaft team with the 115th anniversary

115 років ОНАХТ

Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International

Today we received a confirmatin letter about  titels inclusion: "Economics of the food industry", "Grain products and feed" and "Automation of technological and business processes" to the CABI (Center for Agriculture and Biosciences International) database.

For reference:
CABI is an international nonprofit organization that provides information and applies scientific expertise to solve problems in food technology, agriculture and the environment.

Congratulations to the editorial team, the authors and all the tangent to the editions !!!!

Order of the Ministry of Education and Science № 1286 dated 19.09.2017

Today became known the full list of universities that will have access to the databases Scopus and Web of Science (MES Order № 1286 from 09.19.2017): Link

Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies received access to Scopus!

We do not currently have information about when it will starts and how subscription access to Scopus will be organized. We ask you to understand the situation.

"Food Science and Technology" in Emerging Sources Citation Index

On July 12, 2017, the Coordinating Centre of  Scientific Journals’ Publishing ONAFT received a letter from Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Reuters) that the scientific journal "Food Science and Technology" has been selected for coverage in Clarivate Analytics products and services, and articles will be indexed and abstracted in Emerging Sources Citation Index collection of Web of Science ™!

The way that the editorial staff came through included many innovations, changes, and the attraction of international standards & trends, among which are: informative; visual representation of article titles and annotations; full bibliographic information for all references; availability of the review institution; enrichment of the existing world scientific database of the particular industry; international collective of authors, editors, members of the editorial board, and much more. 

Congratulations to the whole team of the editorial staff, members of the editorial boards, reviewers and authors with this event !!!

At this stage, technical work is done to confirm the availability of the publication in the Emerging Sources Citation Index collection of Web of Science ™ Core Collection, but you can already read the journal page by visiting !

The registry "Ukraine Scientists "

Necessary and useful resource that systematized information about Ukraine researchers.
Note, the presence of links on scientific periodicals journals from institutions.
I advise all colleagues who have a scientific degree find and verify information about yourself.

List of Ukrainian scientific periodical journals

MES of Ukrain update_created on May 10, 2017 list of Ukrainian scientific periodical journals…/atestacziya-kadriv-vishh…/perelik-vidan/ . Note the first sentence of the epigraph, "printed scientific publications included in the list of Ukrainian scientific periodical journals for five years from the date_create of inclusion" that is included in the list earlier - in order to protect council can check whether at the time of publication was printed edition professional or not.